I usually can only employee one hourly employee at a time.  I try to expose my hourly staff to as many experiences as possible and prepare them for their next career step, whether it is graduate school or a permanent position.  My work often includes fish surveys (e.g., electrofishing, seining, and trawling), freshwater mollusk surveys (e.g., hand-picking and brailing), and helping other biologists (e.g., herpetologists performing salamander or turtle surveys).  Other experiences gained include working in natural history museums.

I am willing to take volunteers, which can lead to paid positions with me or other biologists in the area (e.g., fisheries biologists, malacologists, herpetologists).  If you are interested in volunteering, contact me (jtiemann[at]illinois.edu).

line of people using bag seine in the Vermilion River
Pulling a bag seine through a riffle in the North Fork Vermilion River.
3 people in Kishwaukee River electrofishing
Barge electroshocking fishes in the Kishwaukee River.
man backpack electroshocking fishes
Brandinski learning the subtle differences between backpack electroshocking fishes and busting ghosts.
Man piloting boat
Brandinski navigating the SS Lithasia on the Illinois River
Boat electroshocking for fishes in the Rock River.
man on boat
Trawling for benthic life on the Ohio River.
three people wading in the Salt Fork of the Vermilion River
Sampling freshwater mussels in the Salt Fork Vermilion River.
tiemann snorkeling
Snorkeling the Allegheny River (Pennsylvania) for brood collection in the Northern Riffleshell and Clubshell reintroduction project.
Tiemann and Bosch in the Kishwaukee River
The Bosch and I monitoring translocated mussels in the Kishwaukee River to assess the effects of short distance translocation as a conservation tool during construction projects.
Jeremy and Samantha standing at the edge of the Salt Fork
Samm and I organizing data during the mussel reintroduction project in the Salt Fork Vermilion River.
several people dip netting in the Fox River drainage
Dip netting for aquatic snails in the Fox River drainage
Tiemann at the Kishwaukee River
Assisting our herpetologist with turtle surveys in wetlands in the Kishwaukee River drainage.

bluebreast fish

array of mussels